About Us

USFBulls.com is currently run by Mark "stonedonkey" Hansen and Tommy "yosoybullsfan" McDonald, and of course the fans that visit and submit stories every day.

The domain sat idle for years until one day Tmac mentioned, man it'd be nice to have one site to visit to grab all current Bulls stories. The Bulls Pen is a great forum, and a great place to chat about the games with other fans, but one news source would be nice too.

It was with that the site got kick started. After some green and gold sweat, splashing some color and designs up on the screen, and adding USF sport stories, USFBulls.com was born.

We are both long time Bulls fans, and USF grads. Just a couple of our exploits include attending the first Bulls football game in the old sombrero and our crowning achievement of being part of the crew that forced USF to no longer allow fans behind the opposing teams benches at USF Basketball games after Death Row had come and gone (our wives would probably divorce us on the spot if they knew what we said to those poor chaps).

As fans of the teams and season ticket holders for football we want to continue to show our horns for the Bulls and the community with USFBulls.com!